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Well, Hello! I’m glad you could join us at this location and share your thoughts, comment and expertise. My name is Craig. I’m your typical musician who probably like many of you is passionate about music and our talent. My primary instrument is piano. But you may consider your primary instrument to be a record player and are attempting to “scratch” your way into history with considerable Hip-Hop talent. Some of us may have a desire to produce video, which also requires desire, knowledge and expertise. Well I hope that this blog will help us all become better music or video producers.

Let me give you some history about myself to establish why I created this site. At a young age my mother decided that I should take music lessons. We had a Wurlitzer upright in the living room that was in fairly good condition. My mom sang in the Church choir. Luckily, the director of our church’s children’s choir, Mrs. Billings, gave private piano lessons at her house. I soon found myself taking piano lessons from her and enjoyed it!

Time progressed and I graduated high school in 1977. By that time I had studied upright bass, alto, and tenor saxophone and became fond of the new R&B/Funk/Fusion/Disco craze. My mother always said to me, “Make sure you do something else other than music, don’t put all you eggs in one basket”. So I began to study computers after graduating high school. I enjoyed the preciseness of computers and electronic equipment. Then the synthesizer! And I was always fascinated about how someone could come up with a musical idea, produce a record and sell it to people. Of course music video became popular and once again I found another passion.

I’ve been moderately successful in the music business. I have performed in numerous recording sessions, performed at many famous clubs with famous people, and was the general manager for my college TV station. Consequently, I am always striving to better myself and those around me to produce quality material. So, enough about me, what about you? I hope that by joining in these blog discussions, we can help each other by sharing, answering questions and giving advice as it relates to starting, assembling and producing music and/or video.

This is a new blog. So help me get this baby started. Spread the word. Give us your comments and answers. Share your experiences. I’ll be adding links to pertinent information soon. So blog on! Enjoy.


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Sunday, September 4, 2011

    A MultiMedia Company !

SMOOTH PRODUCTION is embarking on a new adventure.  SMOOTH PRODUCTION has started a Christian eMagazine to be named sometime in the near future.  We need people to help build the SMOOTH PRODUCTION Empire.  Please Sign-up Today and get started.

SMOOTH PRODUCTION a Multimedia Company
The Rockefeller Apartments
1588 Ansel Road
Apartment #404
Cleveland, Ohio 44106
(704) 326-1297
(216) 961-6261

Corporate Link:
Signup Link:

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Click As Gone YouTube!

SMOOTH PRODUCTIONS as just released a YouTube Video that asks viewers to VOTE FOR "CLICK."
Click is a song created, arranged, recorded and produced by Craig Oliver, the creator of this Blog.  The song is also available to serious Film, Television and Media companies on  The song is in the Fusion/R&B/Soul Genres.  Click is also available to be voted on at in the Cleveland Soul section.  We need everyone to VOTE FOR CLICK!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

News Release

New Audio Video Production Blog “The Best Way to Produce Your Song or Video Project” released.

            Craig Oliver has designed and created a Blog that allows people in the multi-media industry to connect and discuss their production projects.  The new site is still under construction but is already functional and loaded with content that will satisfy any person who is interested in media production.  With related audio video production training video and articles, this site provides a foundation for expanding one’s media production options or needs. 
            Mr. Oliver’s bio is upfront and gives a detailed explanation about the blog and his reasons for creating it.  The new blog should generate many members.  Ads that present the latest music, home entertainment equipment and and Google ad products are a plus.  Joining the email list will keep members up to date with blog entries and related subjects. 
            Positive reviews by Linkedin and Google demonstrate the quality of   “The Best Way to Produce Your Song or Video Project” Blog.  The website is rotated on various auto surf engines and receives numerous hits every day.  You can vote on the a poll to rank the quality of this novel blog or share it on over 300 social networks like Facebook, Tweeter, Delicious, Diggs,  StumbleUpon and Blogger. 
            Craig Oliver has been in the music industry for over thirty years. He has performed or worked with celebrities like The Four Tops, Cameo, Gregory Hines, The Foo Fighters, The Long Island Express, Sharon Nelson and The Dramatics.  He served his internship as and assistant Marketing Director at EMI Records, meet with Polygram executives and has been on the public access channel TV1 in Manhattan, NYC.   Craig studied music at Hofstra University and studied classical piano under Morton Estrin. 
            This press release is being distributed as an invitation to write articles and reviews about “The Best Way to Produce Your Song or Video Project” blog.  Below is the contact information;

Craig Oliver
4215 Bridge Avenue
Apartment #4
Cleveland, Ohio  44113-3318
Google Phone: 704-326-1297
Alt. Phone: (216) 386-3928

Monday, February 14, 2011

What's Your Production Project?

Please enter a comment discussing your current or upcoming Audio Visual or Multimedia project.  Spread the word, get help, join the e-community! My name is Craig, I am the creator of this Blog, and I thank you for any input that you may have.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Click Here to Comment

I am the creator of this Blog.  I,m kinda new at the Blog thing so, I thought I would post a comment to make sure all is working on my blog and invite others to join my blog.  Right now I'm kinda lonely here, hope people start joining soon.   I'm working on increasing traffic to my site.  Let's talk Audio/Video Production stuff!!